From naturally grown hemp within the EU, Canndid has cultivated a box of high quality CBD gummies to customers. Featuring up to 8 delicious and natural fruity flavours, each gummy contains up to 15mg CBD which makes them ideal if you’re looking to regularly intake CBD in a fun and inventive way that’s a great alternative than say CBD oils due to their colourful design and flavours to enjoy.

By eating or drinking CBD infused products such as these Canndid gummies, it makes the subsequent effect that CBD can grant much easier to incorporate during one’s meal and/or daily routine therefore making them one the popular ways to do so. In the from of brightly coloured gummies, they taste as good as they look; delightful. All the Canndid CBD gummies are THC free, 100% vegan friendly and have been subject to rigorous third party testing before being made available.

Research has shown that CBD gummies have provided numerous health benefits when taken regularly. These include; reducing stress levels, relief from minor aches and pains, improving one’s mood and helping you to relax and sleep restfully among numerous examples. Despite this, it should be known that Canndid’s own CBD gummies are not intended to treat or cure any specific ailments or medical conditions.


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